What Folks Say

Purchasing a home for you and your family is a big step. We work diligently to make sure you feel comfortable with each decision made every step of the way. We’ve been so fortunate to work with some great people over the years. Here’s some of the nice things they have to say about us!

Dan and Ann, happy homeownersWe first contacted Greg without a clear idea of either what sort of house we were looking for or what our preferred location was. We were all over the map. Greg was patient with us, allowing us the space and time we needed to explore some of our ideas and focus our search. When we were finally ready to make an offer, Greg was there at every step. He moved quickly and decisively when we were ready to make an offer.

As an owner of multiple properties himself, with years of experience managing properties, he provided great advice during and after our property inspection. He worked with the seller’s agent to resolve property boundary issues. He was instrumental in negotiating with the town assessor to get our tax assessment lowered. He helped resolve (to our advantage) a last minute issue that arose during our pre-closing property inspection. He even helped us move in!

And after we closed, Ann’s parents hired Greg to find a home for them near us. Now our kids can walk to their grandparents’ home, just 5 houses down from us on the same street. Thanks to Greg we now have a home we love, in a neighborhood that is perfect for our kids, and at a price we can afford. You won’t find a more professional, more knowledgeable agent in Rochester.

Joel, a happy homeownerGreg was a pleasure to work with, both as my selling agent as well as my purchasing agent.

Selling my previous home was a little challenging, considering its unique style and small size. But Greg used some really creative ideas in marketing the property that really paid off. He was diligent in working with the attorneys to keep the transaction moving, even when the other agent dropped the ball.

I bought my current home through a listing on Craigslist. Greg was there every step of the way, guiding me and the sellers throughout the whole process.

He made the whole process so much easier by always letting me know what needed to be done well before any single action was required.   Making the whole process both organized and smooth.

Peg and Bill, happy home ownersPeg and I are enjoying our move to Brighton, thanks to the fine work of Greg Stefl of Vincent Associates Real Estate. We sold our house in Eastern NY State on June 7, 2012 and purchased and moved into our house in Brighton on June 8. Yet all the details were worked out by Greg for this smooth transition while we were still in Florida for the winter.

Because our daughter and son-in-law had purchased a Brighton home through Greg, we had come to know Greg ahead of time and were aware of his extensive experience in home remodeling, knowledge of the Rochester-area housing market, and dedication to client services. While in Florida, we had presented Greg with quite specific criteria concerning where we wanted to live and what we expected for a home and grounds. Much to our delight, Greg found exactly what we wanted in a timely way and described our future home to us through a video he produced, and he executed all paperwork through scanned images and email exchanges. Greg coordinated all the inspections for us and asked the right questions regarding the condition of the house so that we were faced with no major surprises once we moved in.

As you might expect for a home built in 1926, there have been improvements that we wanted to make. Once again, Greg became a valuable resource for engaging dependable contractors and service people who helped us with repairs and the maintenance of our home.

What a pleasure to be comfortably situated five houses away from our two- and three-year-old grandchildren.

Thanks, Greg